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The industry source for science-based innovations and best-in-class ingredients.

HORN Human Nutrition is the leading nutritional ingredients supplier in North America. Representing best-in-class manufacturers and science-based innovators, HORN Human Nutrition has a complete range of ingredients to meet any formulation need.

HORN Human Nutrition proudly features the following manufacturers. Click on the links below to learn more, or contact nutra@ethorn.com and request a meeting with a HORN account specialist.

Science-Based Innovations
Science-Based Innovations
Best-in-Class Manufacturers
Best-in-Class Manufacturers

Featured Science-Based Innovations

For other innovative products not listed, please contact your HORN account manager.

  • CeyLean™ from HORN
    Pure Ceylon for blood glucose and weight management.
  • ChalCurb™ by Japan Bio Science Laboratory
    Proprietary plant extract clinically-proven to reduce toxic visceral fat.
  • ErgoMax™ by Guzen
    Naturally high vitamin D2 powder made from 100% whole mushrooms.
  • NSK-SD® by Japan Bio Science Laboratory
    Clinically-proven, scientifically-validated Nattokinase for overall cardiovascular health.
  • Nutri-K™ JN by Nutri Granulations, a HORN company
    Advanced, all natural vitamin K2 for bone development and cardiovascular health.
  • OPtain120™ by Ryusendo
    Patented combination of onion and pumpkin extract for high blood pressure management.
  • Outlast® by HORN
    Proprietary and patented blend that boosts creatine absorption up to 50 percent.
  • SloIron® from HORN
    The first ferritin-iron supplement from plants, provides gentle, nutritionally available iron in an efficient, vegan form naturally present in legumes.
  • Yestimun® by Leiber GmbH
    Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan for immune support with highest potency rate on the market at 85 percent.
  • HORN’s Innovative Ingredients List
    Summary of HORN Nutraceuticals’ innovative ingredients.

HORN’s experienced account specialists train extensively with the top manufacturers in order to provide customers with the level of expertise and support required to meet today’s growing demand for healthy, efficacious ingredients. We are committed to our partners’ success. Let us know how we can help!

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