Consumers demand cutting-edge, high-performance products that are also value-driven. Our experienced technical team helps our clients profit from that demand.

HORN Care Elements focuses on specialty ingredients for the cosmetics, personal care, home care, pet care, air care and HI&I markets. Our growing portfolio includes: high-tech ingredients used in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, tanning and moisturizing formulations. HORN Care Elements also carries a wide range of emollients, humectants, natural colors, specialty effect pigments, essential oils and fragrances.

Under HORN Care Elements is Fragrance West, the west coast's only fully operational fragrance laboratory and manufacturing facility. Fragrance West helps bridge the needs of local manufacturers while exposing our suppliers to a stream of new opportunities generated from the combined HORN Care Elements/Fragrance West customer base.




Back Row, L-R

Roger Clemens, Cecilia Chavez, Deborah Meltzer, Chris Pierson


Front Row, L-R

Roger Thomas, Arsine Aboolian, Christina Fiduccia, Ilbra Khenansho, Claudia Hinman


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